Research Projects


 A Multifaceted Program Causes Lasting Progress for the Very Poor: Evidence from Six Countries (Journal Science May 2015)


 Evaluation of Targeting Ultra Poor (TUP) Program - Midline Results by CGAP
 Assessment Survey PPAF’s Social Safety Net Targeting Ultra Poor (TUP) Program 2011

PPAF - III Programme

 PPAF-CERP Assets vs. Cash Transfer Program - One Year Impact Report
 PPAF-CERP Assets vs. Cash Transfer Program - Two Year Impact Report
 The Impact of Social Mobilization on Health: Evidence from Rural Pakistan (Mobilization for Empowerment MORE)
 Mobilization for Empowerment (MORE) Program (Preliminary Results from the Endline Survey)
 Comparing Individual and Altruistic Subsidies for HealthTechnology Take Up (Mobilization for Empowerment MORE)
 Does a Picture Paint a Thousand Words? Evidence from a Microcredit Marketing Experiment (Mobilization for Empowerment MORE)
 Together We Will-Experimental Evidence on Female Voting Behavior in Pakistan (Mobilization for Empowerment MORE)
 Money or Ideas? A Field Experiment on Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan
 Understanding the Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 The Impact of Role Models on Female Access to Credit (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Female Voter Empowerment through an Information Awareness Campaign (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Performance Incentives in Multi-mission Organizations (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Participation and Matching in Community based Organizations (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Bottom Up or Top Down? Participation and the Provision of Local Public Goods (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 SAFANSI: The South Asia Food and Nutrition Initiative-Evidence from Pakistan: Child Nutritional Outcomes and Community based Health Service Provision (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)