As one of the largest sources of pro-poor spending in the country, the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is the leading institution working on poverty reduction in Pakistan. By creating public-private partnership, PPAF addresses the multi-dimensional issues of poverty with a goal to achieve social and economical change for long-term stability. Through these partnerships and the programmes created under them, PPAF works to support and strengthen the institutions for the poor (partner organisations) and ensuring that they are well governed, transparent, democratic and accountable.

Donor Funded Programmes

From international government sectors to individual contributors, PPAF is proud to have implemented a vast number of programmes through these dedicated donors.

PPAF Funded Programmes

PPAF has funded a host of projects and programmes in various regions of the country through its own funding and resources.

Corporate Funded Programmes

PPAF’s relationship with its corporate partners has resulted in the implementation of several programmes ranging from rehabilitation work to educational access.