Policy Briefs


 Impact of Targeting the Ultra-Poor Program in Pakistan (CGAP)

PPAF - III Programme

 Poverty Perspective 1
 Poverty Perspective 2
 Poverty Perspective 3
 Poverty Perspective 4
 Poverty Perspective 5 (part 1)
 Poverty Perspective 5 (part 2)
 Funding and Activities of Third Tier Organizations in Pakistan
 Third Tier Organizations (TTOs) & their Partner Organizations (POs) (Incentivizing Development: A Field Experiment with TTOs)
 Women's Inclusion in Pakistan's Women's Inclusion in Pakistan's Local Support Organizations (Incentivizing Development: A Field Experiment with TTOs)
 Incentivizing Development: A Field Experiment with TTOs Organisations (Incentivizing Development: A Field Experiment with TTOs)
 Understanding the Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 The Impact of Role Models on Female Access to Credit (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Female Voter Empowerment through an Information Awareness Campaign (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Performance Incentives in Multi-mission Organizations (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Participation and Matching in Community based Organizations (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 Bottom Up or Top Down? Participation and the Provision of Local Public Goods (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 SAFANSI: The South Asia Food and Nutrition Initiative-Evidence from Pakistan: Child Nutritional Outcomes and Community based Health Service Provision (Mobilization for Empowerment-MORE)
 The Design of Social Protection Programs for the Ultra-poor: Asset Transfers Versus Unconditional Cash Transfer (CERP)


 China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Geography of Poverty: Brief Analysis
 Geography of Poverty and Industrial Clusters in Pakistan: Some Policy Implications
 Prepetuating Disparities: Public Sector Expenditure and Poverty Across Districts in Sindh
 The Overlapping Geography of Poverty and Natural Disasters in Pakistan
 Widening Disparities: Public Sector Spending and Poverty Across Districts in Punjab
 Geography of Poverty and Public Service Delivery in Pakistan
 Geography of Poverty in Pakistan: Explaining Regional Inequality