Past Programmes

PPAF has thus far completed several of its own projects along with other funded ones based on microfinance innovation aswell as those on increasing sustainable microfinance.

First Poverty Alleviation Fund
(PPAF - I)

The First Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Project (PPAF I) aimed to alleviate poverty and empower the rural and urban poor by providing them with access to resources and services. The project had a special focus on the poor women who often end up facing the brunt of poverty the most.

Second Poverty Alleviation Fund

The Second Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF II) continued to allocate funds and grants to the mandated Partner Organizations to work with local communities to implement development programmes designed to improve the livelihoods of the poverty-stricken population.

Third Poverty Alleviation Fund

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund III was built on eight years of previous experience with PPAF projects. It aimed to improve poverty outcomes through a consolidation and saturation approach in targeted areas, a stronger focus on the marginalized groups of the most vulnerable and poorest households including women, and through integrated approaches to livelihood enhancement that learn from other programmes in Pakistan and South Asia.

Microfinance Innovation & Outreach Programme

Financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development the Microfinance Innovation & Outreach Programme (MIOP) brought new approaches to designing, implementing and funding projects aimed at improving the lives of poor rural people and providing partners the space to experiment and innovate.

Program to Increase Sustainable Microfinance

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund launched the IFAD funded Program to Increase Sustainable Microfinance (PRISM) in June 2008. This program comprised of four interlinked components of Credit Enhancement Facility, Equity Fund, Technical Assistance & Institutional Strengthening and Knowledge Management & Policy Dialogue.