PPAF aims to uphold an integrated approach to poverty alleviation, which is aligned closely with Pakistan’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It further emphasizes on multi Sector programmes that generate broad and deep impacts at the community level. All PPAF programmes are designed to be inclusive, paying special attention to the identification, mobilization and inclusion of the poor segments of society. Partner Organizations (POs) are selected through a rigorous process from among NGOs, RSPs, CBOs and the private sector and finance is provided through both grants and loans. PPAF likewise supports the human and institutional development of its partners and the community institutions with which they work.

PPAF has also fostered a number of partnerships with academia, corporates, and government entities that supported the work being carried out under the project. PPAF developed research partnerships to strengthen the role of research and evidence-based planning/design for its components. Both the asset transfer / livelihoods component and the community social mobilization component have benefited from this research. Similarly, MoUs have been signed with a variety of corporates, international agencies, and provincial government agencies) to support benefits to the communities we work with. This has helped PPAF forge commercial links between its clients, insurance companies and value chain actors in the agriculture and enterprise sectors.

Federal & Provincial Government

At a grassroots level, the Federal and the Provincial Government of Pakistan facilitate the delivery of resources and supports the implementation of development projects.

Bilateral & Multilateral Partners

A number of leading multilateral, bilateral, and international corporate institutions contribute to PPAF's poverty reduction goal by providing financial support to promote grassroots development.


PPAF has over 100 partner organizations that support its vision throughout the country.

Technical Partners

PPAF is working with many corporate partners all over the country in different sectors. Applied Technologies Institute, National Logistics Cell, Government of Pakistan.

Research Partners

PPAF invests its resources in high quality, in-depth research to enable the development sector. This is done by sharing their own efforts and experiences.

Corporate Partners

PPAF has a two-fold connection with local and international entities. One is to diversify PPAF’s funds, and the second is to develop a collaboration to serve the most marginalized communities in the most optimal way.