As one of the largest sources of pro-poor spending in the country, PPAF is the lead agency for poverty reduction in Pakistan. The institution is constantly evolving through its research and studies, along with detailed evaluations and assessments of data collected and completed projects. PPAF’s strategies and frameworks are carefully designed to achieve the mission of poverty reduction through various programmes and outreach schemes. In order to maintain long-term stability and create a wide impact, PPAF strongly believes in engaging with the community it is serving and makes it their goal to encourage growth and sustainability throughout the region.

Annual Reports

Information on PPAF’s mission and history as well as summaries of the organisation's achievements in the past years.

Impact Evaluations

Baseline studies that provide information through which programme activities are monitored and assessed to gauge effectiveness along with end-line studies that capture the change at the project end.

Regional & Thematic Strategies

The regional strategies are a vision for improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people based on the human and natural resource potential of the region. The thematic strategies are a framework for action to overcome specific challenges our communities experience and develop resilience against them.

Workshops & Conferences

Workshops and Conferences discuss critical issues and showcase PPAF’s fact-backed work to policy makers and donors and pave pathways for future collaboration.

Research Projects

PPAF carries out research to test its theory of change, the methods used to alleviate poverty, gauge impact magnitude to see what works and what does not - and why, and analyse issues related to poverty in the country.

Policy Briefs

Policy and research briefs coming out of our research studies focus on particular issues and give policy directions and recommendations to government policy makers and donors.