How We Work

Our strategic framework:

PPAF's poverty graduation approach supports the Government's social protection programme and contributes to achieving Vision 2025. PPAF uses poverty scorecard data to assist ultra-poor households to access opportunities that can lift them out of poverty. The approach involves building the skills and productive asset base of beneficiary households through livelihoods support and access to financial services.

From outreach to scale to depth

PPAF began its journey focused on extending its outreach in Pakistan. Over a span of few years, this focus extended to expanding the scale of its operations in more diverse areas. Today, the strategy is centered on leveraging its footprint and deepening and intensifying its operations to ensure a long-term impact.
In 2000, PPAF started off with its outreach in 96 districts of Pakistan, distributing $68.22 million in microcredit and enterprise development loans. By 2016, the programmes had expanded to 130 districts and $644.03 million had been spent on microcredit and enterprise development loans.

Explicit focus on Sustainable Development Goals

To strengthen Pakistan's role as a responsible member of the international community, PPAF views itself as one of the most significant organisations contributing towards meeting Pakistan's commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The progress on these SDGs is used as a scale by PPAF through which it can assess its success and hold itself and its partner organisations accountable.

Spatial dimension of poverty

Due to difficult terrains and security concerns, certain areas of the country are significantly poorer than other regions as a result of limited access. PPAF's new framework is designed to specifically target these areas and cater to the needs of the poor and vulnerable communities based in these regions.

Growth dimension of poverty

PPAF is developing provincial and regional strategies that identify areas of economic opportunities through geological zoning, local occupations and corporate demands. It is working to bring marginalised communities into the economic space, by creating new markets and links that can lead towards overall national economic growth.

Reinforcing writ of the State

PPAF strongly believes in building national integration and promotes the inclusions of all provinces and regions of the country as part of a unified whole. It ensures that marginalised communities across Pakistan can secure their right to participate in mainstream society, politics and economics.

Strengthening institutions of the poor

PPAF and its partner organisations believe that for progress to take place, it is crucial for the institutions of the poor to be nurtured in a way where through support, they learn to move forward through a sense of ownership, independence and accomplishment.

Introducing integrated multi-sector programmes

By understanding poverty's connection with existing social, economic and environmental challenges, PPAF's approach to eliminate poverty has evolved over time and is now moving towards integrated multi-sectoral plans devised and implemented at local levels.