Dr. Salman Khan

Postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Research, Middlesex University London

Cinque Terre

Dr. Salman Khan is an early career researcher specializing in local political economy involving qualitative research methodologies. Salman’s research focusses on marketplaces, local governance, informal economy and social capital.

He has recently completed his PhD on evolving role of marketplaces in the generation of social capital and its implications for local governance in Pakistan. Salman has recently developed a research project for ESRC’s new investigators grant on the role of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for women empowerment in gendered-segrigated trading spheres in the northwest of Pakistan. He is also currently working as lead researcher on a USIP-funded project on displacement, micro enterprises and religious minorities in Pakistan. He is editing a special issue on “gendered research geographies and entrepreneurship”.