About This Event

3rd International Conference on Research and Learning

TThe Government of Pakistan (GoP) is keen to address some of the critical challenges that create and sustain poverty. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), a national development sector apex, is working very closely with GoP and global stakeholders to develop and implement core poverty alleviation initiatives and address some of the multi-dimensional facets of poverty through a graduation approach.

In this regard, PPAF is holding its Third International Conference on Research and Learning—Beyond Action, Towards Transformation—on 30 -31 October 2019 in Islamabad. The purpose is to develop further dimensions in knowledge and assess how PPAF’s interventions for the poor have led to transforming lives and communities. A number of globally recognized researchers and academics that have been working with PPAF on assessments and randomized control trials will be presenting results on PPAF’s work on poverty graduation and institutional development.