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Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan

December 28, 2018

In order to spearhead environmental protection and climate change adaptation initiatives in Balochistan through a coordinated effort, a cluster comprising of multiple key stakeholders has been formed. The cluster is called Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan (CPCB), which currently consists of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Education and Forest Department, District representatives, PPHI, BRSP, ASAAS PK and Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, Quetta.

Meeting of Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan

A meeting of Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan was held on 28th December, 2018 at PPAF Quetta Office. The meeting was attended by 25 participants including senior officials from the Environment Protection Agency, Balochistan, which included; Mr. Tariq Zehri (DG Environment), Muhammad Tariq (DG EPA), Mehboob Ali (DD EPA) and Muhammad Rizwan (DD EPA); as well as a number of other district level representatives from the Environment Protection Agency. Other participants in the meeting included; Rana M Mazhar (CF Watershed Forest Dept.), Ms. Sana Safi (AC Quetta City), Mr. M. Yahya Musakhil (Provincial Head WWF), Ms. Nelofer Jamil (Special Magistrate BOR/DC Office), Haneef Khan (Special Magistrate BOR/DC Office), Mr. Naseem Shah (Coordinator BRSP), Ms. Sadaf Hassan (Co-Director IDSP), Watan Yar Khilji (ED CAIN- ASAS PK) and other stakeholders. PPAF was represented at the meeting by the ESM Unit by Ms. Adnana Rao and Mr. Rehan ud din Khilji and officials from PPAF’s Quetta office including; Ms Zahida Malik and Mr. Engr. Mirwais Agha. .

The objective of the meeting was to finalize the agenda of the two upcoming quarters (Jan-June 2019). During the meeting it was decided that the focal persons from their respective organizations will provide an approved budget by the end of the first week of January. DG EPA will share the MoU with Secretary Environment along with work plan next week and will inform PPAF officials regarding the date of signing of the MoU. .

During the meeting a number of ideas were shared by stakeholders to conserve the environment, increase tree plantation with the support of local communities, addressing water scarcity and raising awareness regarding environmental issues through print, electronic and social media. .

Radio Program Regarding the Formation of Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan

On 2nd January, 2019 CPCB, Mr. Tariq Zehri (DG EPA) and Ms. Nelofer Jamil (President Env Club SBK University) participated in a talk show on FM 96.1 and explained the aims and objectives of the Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan. During the program various callers from across Balochistan expressed their views regarding environmental protection and issues associated with climate change. .

The Climate Protection Cluster Balochistan is currently in its early stage of formation and new members will also be inducted in future to improve coordination between all relevant stakeholders associated with environmental protection in Balochistan. .